Hour of Healing Prayer


As from today 18/7/2022 I have renamed the page ” Hour of healing Prayer “.

and have a Facebook group


and a new web site started in 2023.


The following is a history up to 2023.

Healing on the Streets in April 2022

I am now active again after a long period of isolation, due to the pandemic and my wife needing an operation. I pray for people who are hurting Physically, Emotionally, or Spiritual, or people just wanting to be listened too. I have a new time from 11am to 1pm every Wednesday, I’m always available by mobile 0797 155 1649.

Healing on the Streets in November 2021

I have renamed the ministry to “Hour of healing prayer ” and am out in the market area every Wednesday from 10am to 12 noon.

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Healing on the Streets restart in August 2021

I have started Healing on the streets but its in a different form, and different place. I only have myself available and have moved to the market area near the stalls. I do have two chairs and a small table of bible and books which are free. As always I want people to come and just sit down on one of the chairs for Prayers of healing in their lives.

I will be available each Wednesday morning from 10am to 12noon.

The following is my earlier work with “Healing on The Streets “

Healing on the streets cancelation for 2020

I am sure to announce that we will not be setting up a Healing on the Streets service in Doncaster this year due to Covid-19 situation. as we feel we cannot do it with adequate safety provision.  I am available always by mobile on 0797 155 1649 for any healing prayers.

Yours Rev John Watson.

Healing on the streets report, 19 October 2019

A quiet rainy morning, we did not have anybody, to take a seat for prayer. A homeless Guy was around to help me put up the Gazebo, and He stayed with us must of the time. I am sad, we were not able to pray for somebody, because everyone has needs that God can answer, but we are a witness to Christ where we are, and we are helping to develop an atmosphere of good will in the streets.
Rev John Watson

Healing on the streets report, 7th Sep 2019

It was good to see Andy and Craig join us who had been trained earlier in the year. Prayed for 8 people in total, and we are getting to know certain people on the Saturday morning. One guy I believe it was Bill came before I recognised him. Barbara is now feeling better after many tests at the Hospital, she not complaining of headaches any more. We meet two homeless guys on arrival and later were joined by a third who had sprained his ankle. I prayed for Him but also took him to the Emergency Dept. at DRI. A good morning work, for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Healing on the Streets, Doncaster, 24th August 2019

It was a really hot day, we gave out of 6 bottles of water to people that needed them. We prayed for 6 people, two of them rough sleepers. Yes society can help them improve their life style if they had the will power to resist Alcohol and drugs. I believe only Jesus can change a person heart, will, and attitudes to life, but first they need to realise who He is. My prayer is that both of them will cry out to Jesus as did Bartimaeus “ Son of David have mercy on me” Mark 10v47.

Healing on the Streets 3rd August 2019

A sunny Day. We ministered, to three people, and had the privilege of praying for somebody in a wheel chair, for their spine. I prayed for healing to take place that bones would be in the correct position any abnormalities to be put right in the name of Jesus. Discerning what is wrong can be so important. We are not medically trained and don’t profess to be, so many times we asking wrongly. But God understands that, and grants what is needed.

Next “ Healing on the streets” Saturday the 24th August. 10am to 12pm outside Priory Place Methodist Church.

Healing on the Streets 20th July 2019

We prayed for 6 people in the two hours of ministry on the streets, outside Priory place Methodist Church. The common complaint is stiffness in joints, Arthritis. This is testable after prayer so we ask people to move around and tell us what they feel. One lady said she felt allot better after prayer.
We are just a small team of Christians who believe that Jesus by his death on the Cross bought complete healing for everyone. It’s there in heaven for you. But it needs a prayer of faith in the name of Jesus to bring it into the physical. God heals according to your expectation and your willingness to be prayed for.
Our next Meeting is the Saturday the 3rd august 2019, 10.00am to 12 noon.

Healing on The Streets Doncaster 22nd June 2019

What a lovely sunny day, We prayed for 11 people in total. And we had a visit from Barbara who headache leaved her, when we prayed three weeks ago. God is so good. Several of our prayers were for weak legs and one of these prayer we repeated as the lady was feeling an improvement. Malcolm talked a long time with a Muslim man who wanted a bible.
We still need other Christian to come and be trained up. Did not Jesus command is disciple to heal the sick. The streets are where the sick are, people who do not know the provision that Jesus has made for them.

We had three new people attend the training on the 18th May. And our second event of the year was on the Saturday the 1st June outside Priory Place Methodist Church, From 10am to 12noon with 5 of us being present. We prayed for 6 people in the 1 hour before it rained. 10 mins per person that not bad, 6 people know that God loves and cares for them. The complaints range from weakness in legs to loneliness, Cancer to arthritis, headaches to depression. We are hoping we can manage two events each month this year. God is faithful, the question is are we ?

Its the start of a new year 2019.   Our first meeting this year happened on the 4th May.  As soon as I got to the site outside Priory Place Methodist Church, I saw a man fallen in the street.  I dived to help him, as did somebody else. We lifted him up as He was struggling to regain him feet. I asked if I could pray for Him. That there would be no lasting effects from his fall. and that He would go and see his doctor. Wendy and I ministered to 3 other Ladies who wanted prayer doing our time there. A good start to the Year.

The  training starts on the 18th May. We need as many as in the photo

Find out How to minister Christian Healing on the Streets of Doncaster.

Saturday 18th May 2019 from 1.30pm to 4.30pm at

St John’s the Evangelist Church, 6 Greenfield Lane, Balby, DN4 0PT.

Parking in Greenfield lane. Tea and Coffee Provided.

There is not Charge for the event but a donation would be welcome for equipment and literature used in the work on the streets.

Lead by Rev John Watson   Tel 07971551649

Organiser of the “hour of Prayer ” in Doncaster.

You can Print a flyer sheet by clicking the following link.

Healing on the streets 13th Oct 2018

Its was the last meeting of the year with Malcolm Zarish Wendy and myself. We had very like contacts during our time, but in the last 10 mins that Gloria turned up, asking us for Prayer for her back and work situation. Wendy Myself and Malcolm prayed for her, and after she had stood up from the chair she said she felt better, I said we don’t always get straight answers to prayer but have faith and as you go it will be healed.

Healing  on the streets  16th Sept

We tried again on the Sunday the 16th Sept during the yearly festival of praise, which is music procession and dancing in the streets organised by Living Springs Church. I was very quiet on the Sunday afternoon. But I did speak to three people about Jesus. Our efforts are small, but we believe in a great God who can do more than we can ask for.

Our next meeting in on the 13 Oct2018.

Yours Rev John Watson.

Healing on the Streets 18th August 2018

We were on the streets again on the 18th August, which was also the gay pride march in town, we had no trouble but it did delay our start. We prayed for three people Bill Chris and Brandon during our time. There is a battle in the demonic regions for our morality and health, at the moment, and the focus point is our streets. There are forces that want to confuse our most basic identity and hide from view the most important man in history, our Lord Jesus Christ.  We need to capture lost ground.

Our Next Meeting is on Saturday the 8th September 1.30 – 3.00pm outside Priory Place Methodist Church.

Sorry this event was rained off, hope to do it again on the Sept 15th.

Yours Rev John Watson.

Healing on the Streets Doncaster       14th July 2018

What a good time we had on the Saturday afternoon. God certainly attracted a crowd of about 20 but it was strange they did not need prayers but were just texting each other, I said they were welcome. We prayed for 4 people Evon, a lady with toothache Geraldine and Lisa. We took water to drink, it was so hot, the leaflets went out, and we are seeing familiar faces, and the Lord’s work is being built up. Healing on the Streets Doncaster is doing what the spirit wants, to move us out and demonstrate the power of Christ which is available for healing. If any Christian wants to join us then I am willing to give individual training to the work at any time. Yours Rev John Watson 0797155 1649.

Our Next meeting is the Saturday the 18th August 1.30-3.00 pm outside the Priory place Methodist Church.

Healing on the streets Doncaster        16th June 2018.
10 people lives touched for God in 90 minutes.
What a wonderful day to minister to so many people in the time we had. I don’t know why God has blested our time so much. 10 people who came because the His presence was here, we can only trust that God has been listening and will complete the healings.

Our Next meeting is the Saturday 14th July 1.30pm to 3.00pm outside Priory Place Methodist Church. Doncaster

Healing on the streets  Doncaster 19th May 2018

We meet on the 19th May with 5 team members, outside the Prior Place Methodist Church, and after our kneeing prayer time, we started to invite using our leaflets. It was a sunny day and plenty of people passing by, but we only had two people who sat on the seats,  Berrish and Gale. I believe both were touched by the presence of the Holy Spirit, and had their healing ministered too.  It difficult to tell what God does in the invisible, but both ladies felt welcomed and loved. A few people questioned what we were doing. I said we are trying to show the heart of God, that he want everyone, to be well, and to demonstrate the reality of what is available in his Son Jesus Christ.

Our Next event is the 16th June same place same time.

Healing on the Streets on Saturday the 14th April 2018


This was the first time we had tried out our new location outside the Priory Place Methodist Church in Doncaster. We were there from 1.30 pm to 3 pm and found allot more people passing by.  However we only got two people both Christians to the seats. I did speak with a person in a mobility scooter Alfie, who had a respect for Jesus but was not sure about healing.  He represents many who fail to see that Christianity is not just a ticket to heaven, but  a reality of blessing to be lived now. I hope I have stirred him to think about Jesus more.  Mark Marx says that it worth being on the streets for one year just to see one person life touched by the Holy Spirit in Salvation, healing, deliverance. Its on the streets that revival will happen. When we break though this demonic darkness that surrounds us.

You can find more information about Healing on the Streets at



The launch of healing on the streets in Doncaster was on the 4th Nov 12-2pm outside the premier Inn near the market area. We had 7 people who needed prayer, so I believe it was a good start, for our team which has been trained but with so little experience. We had 7 people prayed for who found the prayer uplifting. we trust in the Lord for healing saying our best prayers, so we live in expectation that the Lord will honour our work for Him.

We plan to continue each month,

On Saturday the 2nd Dec we had our second event in the same place but different time 1.30 – 3.00 pm we had 4 people prayed for. One woman had lost her child in the market, and I said “That God is good at finding people”. She allowed me to pray ” Loving heavenly father bring back the child to this woman “. It only took 5 minute and they were together again.

Its a new year. We had planned to be on the streets on the 3rd Feb but it was rained off

We are planning to be on the Streets again on the 14th April from 1.30 pm to 3 pm . In a new place in the town center outside Priory Place Methodist Church. We believe the Lord wants to bless us with his presence, and where the presence of the Lord is there freedom life and healing. So if you have seen our page you are warmly invited, to experience the goodness of our God.


Rev John Watson is in

the Market area every market day,

Tues,Wed,Fri from 12 – 1pm

Tel 0797 155 1649 and is available for prayer.


   We are now ready to Launch on the 4th Nov at 12 noon till 2pm near the Premier Inn Hotel, just outside the Market area Doncaster. 

We have created a facebook page