Advance 2020

Advance 2020 is starting in Doncaster.

An invitation to a meeting about, how we can share Jesus with Doncaster.

Have you heard of Advance 2020. Its been formed in 2019 to make way for the Year of Evangelism  in 2020. This is done by forming groups in certain areas of the UK and abroad, to equip those with a passion to share Jesus.  Members meet together each month to sharpen their skills in evangelism, through support and mentoring.

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The first meeting will be on the Monday the 10th Feb  6.30pm to 8.30pm

All Nations Living Springs Church 77-79 St Sepulchre Gate,

Doncaster DN1 1RX. 3 doors from  MacDonalds outside  the  French gate

Please come and see if you can support a group, so that you can be involved in the real truth of Jesus Christ.

 Jesus calls us to be witnesses to unbelievers, and gives us the confidence and courage to do so. But as Jesus leads us, we do need the support of others, inside our own church, and a connection with others doing it.

I aim to show you various methods of evangelism during the year.

Yours Rev John Watson  Tel 07971551649.

I aim to set up a Whatsapp group, “ Advance 2020 Doncaster “ so text me if you want to be included for news and events.

ADVANCE 2020  Record of first meeting 10 feb 2020

Our first meeting on the 10th Feb 2020 was attended by 5 people and myself. Malcolm , Keith , Susan , Edward,  Eden. We took it in turns to introduce ourselves including my present ministry. We then looked at the 5 principles of the movement, Regular meeting each month during the year, Sharpening, Accountability, Communication, and Multiplication. The structure of each session is Catch-up, Worship and Prayer, Main Teaching and discussion, Accountability. In the main teaching for this session we looked at definitions of evangelism, and the need to go beyond the verbal communication of the gospel.  The five Core Characteristics were discussed, Bible Study, Prayer, Accountability, Commitment and Inspiration.  We also looked at the Advance web site on the computer. We located the place to enter contact details, then we looked at the resource’s and sampled a few of the available talks and recordings. I also showed them how to download Whatsapp on your phone and have set up a Whatsapp group. The next meeting was set at the 9th March  at 6.30-8.30pm at All nations living springs Church 77-79 St Sepulchre Gate Doncaster DN1 1RX 3 doors from MacDonalds outside the Frenchgate.